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IVORY COAST hospital


 The Hospital

Ivory Coast is a fast developing economy in West Africa, but provision of healthcare in the provinces is sparse, and even in the capital Abidjan, there is insufficient quality or clinical capacity, and services are priced out of reach for much of the population.

A recent population explosion has led to a sharp increase in a range of health conditions related to poor infrastructure and overcrowding. There are also growing concerns on Hepatitis and growing cases of Diabetes, Cardiac and other conditions.

There is a need for good quality and low cost (subsidised) services for communities such as Abobo where almost half a million people are under-served. Demand for maternity services alone is estimated at around 4,000 cases per annum.

The hospital will offers several health services concerning all medical specialties from general medicine to specialties, including the para-clinical benefits, and as such, in a gradual way starting with: General Practice, Gybae and Obs ,General surgery, Ultrasound, Laboratory Tests, Digestive endoscopy, Ophthalmology,ECG’s. 

We wish to provide our patients with quality care along with the latest technologies in health services at low prices. To become the leader in Côte d’Ivoire in taking care of patients.

The values ​​that will be advocated will always be: the respect of patients, standards, employees, partners and the constant concern for reliability and quality in all services rendered and to be constantly on the lookout for new technologies.

Please do try and donate now either by monthly payment or single payments to build Humanity First’s hospital in Ivory Coast.

Humanity First Facts

To build a state of the art hospital that serves the people of Yopougon