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Under our Global Health Programme, Humanity First is working in partnership with HF Healthcare to build a hospital in the Ivory Coast.

Ivory Coast is a fast developing economy in West Africa, but provision
of healthcare in the provinces is sparse and even in the capital
Abidjan, there is insufficient quality or clinical capacity and services
are priced out of reach for much of the population.

There is a need for greater access to good quality healthcare provisions for more sections of the community. The hospital will gradually offer a range of services in a phased manner, but early priorities include:

  • Maternity •Orthopaedics •Paediatric services •Diagnostics
  • Surgical theatre •Pharmacy •Laboratory tests •Ultrasound
  • Digestive endoscopy •ECG’s. •Ophthalmology

The new state-of-the-art hospital will also act as a teaching hospital to increase clinical capacity and our international volunteer base of more than 400 physicians will help to provide practical training bringing quality care to the community.

 A similar hospital was completed in 2018 in Guatemala (photo above) which you can read about here. This project cost $3 million and was completed within 2 years. We are projecting similar costs and time for the Ivory Coast Hospital.

Africa, Partnership for the Future - What you can do to help

Various options for sponsorship are available that will promote your
brand globally reaching target markets at all demographic levels


Various elements of the Hospital infrastructure are available for cobranding by corporates, individuals or families.

For further information, please contact

Africa, Partnership for The Future

Join us at the Ivory Coast Hospital Launch event in London on the 29th October.

‘Africa, Partnership for The Future’ is a sponsored event and all funds will go towards the project.

If you wish to attend the event, please click below

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Since 1994, we have been working on projects in 53 countries across 6 continents and provide unique immediate disaster relief whilst also, developing and nurturing long-term projects dedicated to healthcare, education, clean water, vocational training and the care of orphans.

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