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About the Ivory Coast Hospital

Have you ever worried about getting no treatment when you are sick? Were you ever concerned that there is no hospital nearby?

Humanity First is building a hospital in the Ivory Coast that will bring ease to the lives of deprived communities where there is a need for a full-service high-quality health care facility.

Families and businesses can also sponsor a unit or a facility in the hospital where the donor has the choice to dedicate the facility in the name of their loved ones or in their business name.

In Canada and in many western countries, healthcare is guaranteed. It is the right of every citizen. The existence of hospitals and clinics are the responsibility of the government, the quality of care is guaranteed and cannot be compromised in any circumstances whether people donate not.

Unfortunately, this is not the case in some parts of the world. Healthcare is a privilege and for some people, it does not exist at all – let alone the meaning of quality care!

In those countries, people rely on the generosity of others and on the humanitarian work of organizations like Humanity First. Without the generous donations of our donors and the hard work of our dedicated volunteers, some communities will remain deprived of healthcare. Some people will die of causes that are preventable.

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